Dawn of the Gods

Session 0


Calamity! The city of Broughton has been destroyed in a massive explosion of unknown origin. None have been able to explain how or why, though many blame the Magical College’s manipulation of the Fount, the city’s well-spring of limitless magic. The area that used to be Broughton is now a wasteland, where wild magic holds sway. In the midst of the chaos engulfing the region, many from the surrounding countryside have begun to travel north in hopes of finding new sources of commerce and to enjoy the relative safety of nearby civilization. Those left behind are forced to defend themselves from opportunistic vandals and savages of the wild.

Some of those who remain have begun to experience strange sightings and visions. Before the Disaster, such signs were a precursor to a lifetime of madness, but now those who have them are retaining their sanity. Among them is D’Jairy Smythe, who finds himself blessed with prophetic dreams and new, inexplicable abilities. Calling himself a “cleric,” D’Jairy and a handful of others experiencing these strange dreams have embarked on a journey to discover their origin and meaning.


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